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Strange Dreams

I had some strange dreams last night.

In one I was looking out over some mountains. Then there was an eruption. But it wasn't localized like a volcano. And it wasn't magma. It was a wall or erupting water from behind the mountains. It was shooting in the air. I ran into a nearby bathroom to hide. In my dream I wasn't sure it would protect me. But then it was somehow a prank and there wasn't a disaster.

The other dream may be related to too much news. But I was some place, and there was a woman there. Then one of my former roommates was trying to touch her. And she kept saying no, leave me alone. So I told him to stop, and I stepped in to defend her. He wanted to fight, which scared me in the dream. But I didn't back down. He took out a gun and pulled the trigger. But it wasn't loaded. I took the gun away from him. Someone gave him another gun and he tried to shoot me again. But it also wasn't loaded. I took this gun too. And my former roommate just left. I didn't want to be holding the guns. I took one and threw it over a house and then walked over to an embankment and threw the other into a pond far down the hillside and it sank. But then I thought, maybe a kid could find the first gun. So I went searching for it. I found it and it didn't appear to be where it should have landed. I'm not sure what I did with it, but someone told me about finding a gun and picking it up and putting it down somewhere else. I figured it explained my confusion with where I found it.

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