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I've had this dream before... kind of.

So I was in a building, it was a tall building. And it had a deep basement. There was a stairwell which went all the way to the bottom. And you could look all the way down it basically. This was the tallest building in town, and I was talking to some people who said they lived in the basement at the bottom. Somehow they could get into the stairwell and would climb down all the floors to the bottom. They took me with them to show me. The variety of stairs changed from time to time as we went further down. I remember at one point they were a tight metal spiral staircase. I don't know I ever made it to the bottom, but at one point I was 164 floors underground. In the dream I told them something to the effect, "you live lower than anyone else in the city." But I meant it purely in an elevation sense. The building was on a slight hill and it made me question if I was right. One of the people was in a similar dream about the same building. But in that dream he had found a way to sleep on the top of the building and he was showing me how he got in the roof to camp out. In the other dream I remember I did make it to the roof, and walked around. During this dream I recalled talking to the person about sleeping on the roof, but it was remembered as being real, not as a dream.

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