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Odd Dreams

I had a dream I was playing on an NES, and it must have been a re-make of the old system. Because it had all the old games on one cartridge. There was SimCity (actually several versions of the game), and a roller coaster game. But I couldn't decide on a game to play.

In another dream I moved all of a sudden to Nevada. I don't recall the name of the town. In the dream it seemed like a random move, and I wasn't sure how long it would last. But, I was thinking to myself, "I've always wanted to move to Nevada." Actually I've always wanted to move to Utah more. And in the dream I decided I wasn't going to tell anyone where I lived.

Then I had a dream I was at a store. I don't think it was a Walmart. But there was a cake someone ordered. I thought I would try and steal it. I carried it around the store, but put it down before I left. In the dream I just felt nervous about trying to steal and getting caught. I felt like if I got caught I would get fired, which would be upsetting. But I also felt bad about trying to steal because people trust me. In real life I haven't stolen anything from a store in many many years.

I know it feels like a lot of random disconnected dreams. There was also one where I was going home. But it was a place I had lived previously, not in real life. But when I got to the place in the dream, the people there were surprised to see me. I backed out and explained I had forgotten I moved.

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